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1929 - 1945 Research Help
Welcome to the 1929-1945 Research Help Page

(For instructions on how to pick a topic- click here)

Topic Idea Generators:  Not always the most reliable sources, but we're generating ideas first.....

The People
Our website features information related to historical events, popular culture, music, fashion, toys, sports, and much more from the 1800s up to the present! 

From (brief but visual overviews)
- The Roaring Twenties
- 1930's (Great Depression)
- World War 2

History of Fashion Site - 
1930's - 1940's
1940's - 1950's

America's Best
1920s Timeline
1930s Timeline
1940's Timeline

1929 - Overview, includes world events

Retrowaste - For Cars, Fashion and Entertainment History

Magazines: Life Magazines 1930s – 1970’s (on Google Books) Read a magazine of the times.

Intro / Starting Formal / More Academic Research:
Get the overview by finding a book and using Encyclopedia Britannica or World Book or

  >JM Library Catalog
Find out what books we have 
here at JM.
  (search all MN libraries)

Find books statewide
 > Rochester Public Library
Search RPL's downtown public library.

 Britannica School 
    - Great for general research.  
   Pick your level of information to start.

 World Book Advanced - Great for general research - Fairly Reliable .com site for biographies

Need Higher  / More In-depth Research?
Databases give you both overviews and scholarly and news articles.


GALE: Biography in Contest
Biographical encyclopedia, magazine, and journal articles, plus primary sources, images, video, and more.

A "Scholarly" Database from ELM - Ebsco Academic Search Premiere
Thousands of scholarly publications across all academic disciplines. Included in Explora Library database.

Even Bigger?  Ebsco Megafile (from ELM)  - The other Mega
EBSCO MegaFILE Thousands of popular and scholarly publications across all academic disciplines and subject areas. Includes Academic Search Premier, MasterFILE Premier, Business Source Premier, and Regional Business News databases.

Gale: Expanded Academic ASAP (from ELM)
Thousands of scholarly publications across all academic disciplines.

Explora Secondary Full text of popular magazine and scholarly journal articles covering all subject areas including multimedia, primary source documents, and reference books. Includes Academic Search Premier, Business Source Premier, MasterFILE Premier, Consumer Health Complete, Health Source - Consumer Edition, and Science Reference Center databases.

GALE: World History In Context Database
This database provides encyclopedia, magazine, and journal articles, as well as videos, images, and more. This resource offers an overview of world history covering over 5,000 years from antiquity to the present and geographically around the globe.

Going off the grid?  (moving away from reliable/ subscription databases?)
Try  or click below to make google give results from only  .gov or  .org sites  (.gov is more reliable)

 Sweet Search - Results are filtered to deliver safe reliable information.  See if it works.

 Search Google limiting results to .gov and .org.  Add search keywords to the words already in the google box.
>>Search google for .gov results
>>Search google for .org results

Online News Sites
Other websites for giant fairly reliable news sources:
- AP News - use their search of the news,
also AP Fact Check has "Not Real News - A look at what didn't happen this week" Fun!
NY Times
Washington Post
LA Times
BBC News
PBS News Hour

How Fair and Balanced is your news source?
Check it out on this infographic.  It's a roadmap to news bias.

Media In Time (from another project, but may help you also)

Magazines: Browse "Poetry" Magazines since 1912

Magazines: Life Magazines 1930s – 1970’s (on Google Books)

Music: Billboard Top Songs of the Year (US)

Novels: Good Reads Most Popular Books in Year ____

Dance  - Timeline of Popular Dances

US Movies: IMDB - Most popular feature (by year) change the year in the web address,asc&title_type=feature&year=1949,1949
(or google: IMDB + Most Popular feature +year

US Movies: Oscars Movie award site - Who won what and when?

Movies International:  What movie was popular worldwide during the year of your choice? Find out here.   Change the drop-down menu to fit your research (as best as it can).

Movies Int'l  For movie box office data (for some countries) from the early 2000's on, click on a country and click yearly.

Movies International: Does your country currently have a theater? Maybe a website? If you're lucky, email them (use google translate) and ask about popular movies in the year ___.

Newspapers: Search and read the Chicago Tribune (many dates available online)

Newspapers/Magazines - Mid-1980s on - Proquest Newspaper Database:

German Newspapers (in German): 1617 - 1946 (Search by Date - translation is probably not available, if you have a specific date in history, this may be interesting)


Have a super technical topic, find out if there is info here:


Super Technical Academic Sites - Academic Journal Search
For really high levels of research, special case usage, may or may not be helpful.

Google Scholar - Search academic journal articles and patents 

Microsoft Academic - Search for academic articles from a variety of sources. 

  Refseek - Academic search engine for students and researchers. Locates relevant academic search results from web pages, books, encyclopedias, and journals. 

 JURN - Search millions of free academic articles, chapters and theses. 

Good luck on your research.   Hopefully you will study something you're interested in and learned something new!

More extras!

Info Evaluation Help

The Crap Test - this test helps you figure out if your info is ok, or not.

Real or Fake News?  Look for facts, AKA primary data.  See overview here.
Image of professor

Need Paper Writing and MLA Formatting Help?   It's at:  OWL + MLA
Image result for owl logo writing lab

Finally.... having trouble completing important tasks? Use this self-eval tool from
President Eisenhower.  Click here.!


Working at home? Or not at school?

Using databases at home?  Need access or passwords?

Solution 1.:  Use (Log in once, get all the databases!)

The databases are located inside the program at for web use (or download the app).

 To log in: go to

Then you type in:
- John Marshall High School - Rochester -  click on it.
- Your School ID number (in the middle box)
- Your current school password  (in the bottom box)
and Voila!  Click on databases.     The passwords should be pre-loaded.

Solution 2:  Open the JM Database Password list, a PDF document
(this may or may not work)
Click to see the Research Password List (password protected PDF)
                     Need a PDF viewer ?- click here for PC.  (itunes) (playstore)
                     Don't know the username and password? Check with library staff or your 

Solution 3:    USE ELM -  A Big Collection of Free Databases Paid for by the State of MN!  
                      If nothing above is working, click on ELM and use their free databases.
                      >>Click here for big list of all the ELM databases
      >>Click here for the "High School" databases

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