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Subscription Databases

Welcome to the big list of research resources. Good luck on your project.  
Below the big list, look for descriptions of the databases, etc. 

Using databases at home? See FAQ below.

Big List of Databases:




  Library Catalogs / Find a book 
A classic way to start your research. 

  >JM Library Catalog
Find out what books we have 
here at JM.
  (search all MN libraries)

Find books statewide
 > Rochester Public Library
Search RPL's downtown public library.  
   Check for the newest books on your topic     or to see if there any books out there at all.
   > Search 100+ SELCO Libraries Connected to JM.
Search for books which may be be sent to you at JM.

Read e-books with Overdrive and Rochester Public Library (need a RPL card) 

   > Destiny - Elementary catalog 
   Need a children's book from a 
   Rochester Elementary school?
   Tumblebooks - ebooks for kids
  Find Your Next Book - Need to find similar books?   
   Here are some resources to find your next book, or similar book resources.

  Online Encyclopedia -
Great for searching a variety of topics and learning the basics.
     Britannica School 
    - Great for general research.  
   Pick your level of information to start.
 World Book Advanced - Great for general research - Free Online Source (GALE)
   Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos - 
  World Book En Español

 MNOpedia - A Minnesota Encyclopedia 


Databases sorted by type
                            (from general / multi-purpose to topic specific)


General Search Databases -  Great for searching a variety of topics 
Search a wide topic range (like encyclopedia), but results may include academic journals articles, books, magazine and news articles, primary data and other encyclopedia articles and more.
Student Resources In Context - 
Search across topics. Results from magazines, newspapers, books and more.


explora TEENS - Search covers a variety of topics with results from books, magazines, journals and more.  

explora KIDS - Search covers a variety of topics with results from books, magazines, journals and more.  


 Informe Académico proporciona acceso a periódicos y revistas especializadas de lengua española y portuguesa. La base de datos ofrece una amplia gama de contenidos sobre América Latina. 

  GALE: Expanded Academic ASAP: Thousands of scholarly publications across all academic disciplines.  This GALE search focuses on academic journal articles.

Current Issues /
Hot Topic Databases
Pick a side or see many sides of an issue!
Searches can focus on a single issue -  
Often presents information on many sides of an issue.
  Points of View Reference Center -
Provides essays and research information for current and controversial issues.


 CQ Researcher - features reports on hot topics with many footnotes to help further research. - non-profit website that offers research on multi-sided issues - has large topic list 



 Biography Database + WebSite - Helps you research people
(and events).  

Biography in Context - Database with results from books, journals, magazines, and more. - Reliable .com site for biographies
This database has some biographies in it: 
Gale World History In Context Database



 Health Database + Website Research many aspects of health 

                 National Institute on Drug Abuse / Commonly Abused Drugs Web Site - learn the facts about commonly abused drugs  


  OMC Health Library - OMC's Health Library is an A to Z health resource that includes patient education, health and nutrition resources, and a symptom checker, among other resources. While this information is not meant to replace care with your healthcare provider, it can help you find answers to your questions and learn more about medical topics of interest to you.


  Consumer Health Complete - Database - health reference books - magazine articles, etc. 




Global / Country / Culture Studies - 

Discover the world here.


 CultureGrams - Reliable Database of Countries and Cultures
 The World Fact Book - The CIA's Country / Culture Website



   National Geographic ountries A- Z - Country Travel and Facts Website

   BBC Country Profiles - Facts about Countries

   US Library of Congress Country Studies  -  LOC researchers created online "books" about countries.
 LOC's other Country start page is here.


 Breathing Earth - See a world map that shows Co2 and Population rates "live." 

This database may help for country studies:
Gale World History In Context Database



 Arts and Sciences Databases - subject specific
Research topics range from art to writing to science  

 Camino Art Database
- School Link - Home Link

Ebsco Poetry and Short Story Reference Center - Research and read poetry / stories

Science Reference Center Database  - Learn about science and scientists


 Current News Sources -  Discover the latest news on your topic. 

   ProQuest Newstand - Newspapers
ProQuest Newsstand offers unparalleled access to the fulltext of over 1300 newspapers, news websites and blogs from leading publishers throughout the world.


Newsela - Site for student news - Can read news by level and in Spanish. 


 Online News Sites
Other websites for giant fairly reliable news sources:

NY Times
Washington Post
LA Times
BBC News
PBS News Hour


Filtered Web Search -  Can you obtain reliable data by filtering what you find on the web? 
Here are a few ways to find out.

 Sweet Search - Results are filtered to deliver safe reliable information.  See if it works.

   Search Google limiting results to .gov and .org.  Add search keywords to the words already in the google box.
>>Search google for .gov results
>>Search google for .org results


FAQ: Using databases at home?  Need passwords?

Solution 1.:  Use (Log in once, get all the databases!)

The databases are located inside the program at for web use (or download the app).

 To log in: go to

Then you type in:
- John Marshall High School - Rochester -  click on it.
- Your School ID number (in the middle box)
- Your current school password  (in the bottom box)
and Voila!  Click on databases.     The passwords should be pre-loaded.

Solution 2:  Open the JM Database Password list, a PDF document
Click to see the Research Password List (password protected PDF)
                     Need a PDF viewer ?- click here for PC.  (itunes) (playstore)
                     Don't know the username and password? Check with library staff or your

Solution 3:    USE ELMA Big Collection of Free Databases Paid for by the State of MN! 
                      If nothing above is working, click on ELM and use their free databases.
                      >>Click here for big list of all the ELM databases
      >>Click here for the "High School" databases



Super Technical Academic Sites - Academic Journal Search
For really high levels of research, special case usage, may or may not be helpful.

Google Scholar - Search academic journal articles and patents 

Microsoft Academic - Search for academic articles from a variety of sources. 

  Refseek - Academic search engine for students and researchers. Locates relevant academic search results from web pages, books, encyclopedias, and journals. 

 JURNSearch millions of free academic articles, chapters and theses. 


  Online Encyclopedia - 
Great for searching a variety of topics and learning the basics.

Super Genius Mode - These sites search academic articles, etc. 
                                                    (may prove not helpful to your research)

   Microsoft Academic  - Acadmic Journal Searches - Often in other languages




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