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Blog 2 1/14/16 
For your second blog, you must WAIT until you have completed your work on the "Arts Connection" with music, poetry, and art before posting here. 

FIRST, explain in 3+  sentences how this aspect of the CAPSTONE deepened your understanding of your topic and gave you differing perspectives which you had not considered before.  

NEXT, list three ways you see yourself possibly using the "arts connection" in your presentation in February: 

FINALLY,  identify something you still need to find out about your topic which is clearly a "hole" in your research and understanding.  Identify the missing information and write out your goal for how /where  you will look to locate the information.  It's not enough to say, "I need to find out more about _____."   You need to explain HOW will you find it and  WHERE will you start looking.
Posted by KILEHMAN On 10 January, 2016 at 12:00 PM  16 Comments

Comments (Guest) said On 09 July, 2018 at 5:07 PM
your efforts are great.. explanation of Bible in such with such explicitly is not easy I must say. may you be blessed for your efforts and all the very best. thanks for enlightening us.  
Drew Hellickson (Guest) said On 22 January, 2016 at 1:03 PM
This part of the capstone is giving me clear detail on my topic and the many ways people are affecting the endangerment of animals. This topic taught me the importance of why we need to look at this topic and think of the ways we maybe harming the environment. Also this topic gave me a more understanding of how these animals are disappearing and who's fault it is. With the art connections I will use the feeling or the emotions you get from the art work that the arthur. I will describe what the artist is trying to get from the pictures.   
Elhan Ahmed (Guest) said On 21 January, 2016 at 11:44 AM
This aspect of the project helped me to see how capital punishment is viewed in popular culture, and more specifically music. I did not now there was as many songs about the death penalty as there was. Most were mainly from the perspective of a death row inmate in his final moments. They songs I had seen seem to be anti death penalty and more empathetic to the inmates because, they had felt that it was not morally just. All of this deepened my understanding because it gave me a view of the death penalty from a moral standpoint.  
Kyra Worth (Guest) said On 19 January, 2016 at 9:54 AM
This aspect of capstone deepened my understanding of censorship because I got to see other peoples opinion of the topic and I got to see how it can affect a lot more things than I thought. I can see myself using the arts connection in my presentation by showing the pieces of art and explaining what they mean, and saying the poem so my peers can get a deeper understanding as well.   
Hayley Koop (Guest) said On 15 January, 2016 at 12:15 PM
Researching music is something that helps me get deeper understanding of anything I do. Especially with a topic that I can relate to its easy to use music and art to hear and see and analyze and figure out what it's really talking about and what's behind it. The songs both gave me a new perspective on the metaphorical view of illnesses and the art puts into perspective the way it really looks and feels to go through something like that. I can relate all of my project to music and art and incorporate it because its something I do in my life on a regular basis.  
Dylan Sutter (Guest) said On 15 January, 2016 at 10:01 AM
This aspect of the project provided me with more knowledge on my topic. I learned more about Autism and how it affects daily life. it showed me how the disorder has affected many families in the world today. I plan to use the art connection by using poems, songs, and pictures.  
Ej Hollins (Guest) said On 14 January, 2016 at 1:10 PM
it aspect of the project help me with understanding more about drugs and how they affect you in your daily life. also it shows me how it affects people in making them want to use certain drugs to get the pain off of them. some people use drugs to try and clear there brain hole time its making it worse   
Brianna Paulson (Guest) said On 14 January, 2016 at 1:04 PM
this aspect of the capstone deepened my understanding of my topic by giving me many ways to understand coral reefs. it also gave me different perspectives from the different websites I used for this project. all these things made me realize how many ways the coral reefs are affected and contribute to the ocean. Three ways I plan on using the arts connection in my presentation are by using pictures, songs, and "lyrics". One thing I still need to cover is some data about the corals and finding more arts about how they are destroyed.  
Isaiah Walden (Guest) said On 14 January, 2016 at 12:49 PM
This aspect helped me to understand how many people are affected by concussions. There are many poems written about different people's experiences having a concussion. Also, it hits close to home, as a former NFL tight end from Rochester wrote a song to his family because he is slowly losing his memory due to too many concussions and head injuries. I will definitely use the song he wrote in my presentation. I think it will help my audience relate to my topic better. I need to find out more about the treatment and the ways people are trying to prevent concussions. I am going to look at Mayo Clinic website to hopefully find the info I need about treatments.  
Cole Ray (Guest) said On 14 January, 2016 at 12:25 PM
The topic really helps me understand how and why George Lucas made his movies. Although he did end up selling his franchise, being Star Wars, he is stilling making money even though it's not his anymore. Also, this topic helps me understand different influences in the movie. I can have my art influences as backgrounds or background music to the presentation. Also, I could analyse some of the work associated with Star Wars.  
Monika Nichols (Guest) said On 14 January, 2016 at 12:14 PM
This part of the project helped me realize that even the smallest things can make people nervous enough to have a panic attack. It showed me that you need people who could truly help you to keep your head up.I can use the photos and song. I still need to find out how many people actually have anxiety and what having anxiety done to impact the ones around them.  
Akoy Marial (Guest) said On 14 January, 2016 at 12:03 PM
This aspect deepened my understanding of my topic because it made me understand the impact oh how brain injuries are life changing. A few of the poems I read express the thoughts of the victims. Reading the poems made me understand clearly about this issue. Several ways I can use the Arts connection in my presentation is to have the poem on a slide so others can read, I can read the poem aloud, or play the song. Something I still need to find in my research is, what is being done to fix this problems so there can be less deaths in the sports world. I will try finding it buy going to the local library or even the Mayo clinic and see if I can get some information from the doctors. I s=will start of my reading a few articles of my topic and ways to improve.   
Mike Bui (Guest) said On 14 January, 2016 at 11:52 AM
This aspect made me think about how much drunk driving has an impact on people. It showed me many views and how many different ways it affected others. It also showed me that this problem is a hard thing to get rid of because there's always a handful of people that lack responsibility. I can see myself using the pieces of art that I found to connect to the many things that has happened due to drunk driving. I'd also use the art to let others see visually of what can happen if they participate in drunk driving. Mainly I would use the pieces of art to give that extra push on others visually. One thing that I still need to find more ways to prevent drunk driving , or tips on decreasing drunk driving.  
Ben Gustafson (Guest) said On 14 January, 2016 at 11:38 AM
This part of the project deepened my understanding by relaying a themes such as how stem cells work in real life, important contributors, and how they are formed. These gave me different perspectives and how people aren't just statistics. People are people. The three ways I'll be using my art is showing the three different pieces of work. My one hole is the actual characteristics of stem cells. i will research more by looking at online databases.   
Sadaq Mumin (Guest) said On 14 January, 2016 at 11:00 AM
This aspect made me think about how that people could comes together and stop pollution. Also how we feel about the world being affected. there are some people in the world that don't think pollution is a problem. i plan on using a video, song, and poem. I need to find more about how people are coming together to fix pollution.  
Colton Kitzman (Guest) said On 13 January, 2016 at 9:13 AM
this aspect of the project helped me understand the severity of this problem and how it impacts people. It really showed the emotion that people exhibit about the topic. It also showed me how hard it can be to fix this problem because of all the work and effort that would have to go into stopping this. I'm going to use this to show how big of a problem it is and show some of the people's opinions on his speech. And give examples of how we can fix this problem. I need to find more about the history of gun control and how it works in other countries.  
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