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For your second blog, you must WAIT until you have completed your work on the "Arts Connection" with music, poetry, and art before posting here.  FIRST, explain in 3+  sentences how this aspect of the CAPSTONE deepened your understanding of your topic and gave you differing perspectives which you had not considered before.   NEXT, list three ways you see yourself possibly using the "arts connection" in your presentation in February:  FINALLY,  identify something you still need to find out about your topic which is clearly a "hole" in your research and understanding.  Identify the missing information and write out your goal for how /where  you will look to locate the information.  It's not enough to say, "I need to find out more about _____."   You need to explain HOW will you find it and  WHERE will you start looking.
Posted by KILEHMAN  On Jan 10, 2016 at 12:00 PM 18 Comments
Take a moment today to think about your topic now that you have had time to dig into it.  On this week's blog, share with others the following two pieces of information: 1.  Describe one really cool thing you learned that you didn't know before about your topic and... 2.  Set a goal for yourself : What is your personal goal for next Thursday regarding your project? This blog post is due by the end of the class period today:  Jan. 7, 2016 When answering on a blog for academic purposes you should do the following in order to achieve full points: A.   Complete your post by the assigned deadline.  B.  Write in complete, grammatically correct sentences which restate the question in the answer.        Ex.:  One unusual fact that I learner about global warming that I did not know before was....        Ex.:  My personal goal for Jan. 14 regarding the CAPSTONE project is to.... C.   This is a public blog in the sense that it is open to those who may log on to the JM site:  therefore, all posts must be related to        the assigned blog and be academically appropriate in all respects.  :-)
Posted by KILEHMAN  On Jan 05, 2016 at 2:47 PM 46 Comments
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