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Salve! Welcome to Latin. Students choose Latin as their World Language for a variety of reasons. Some plan to enter a legal or medical profession. Others wish to improve vocabulary scores on standardized tests like the SAT. Still others are interested in the background of Western Civilization and want to explore history, government, mythology, literature, architecture, literature or the arts. Some want a background for the future study of the Romance languages: French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese. If any or all of these are your reason, you have come to the right place. In Latin class, we learn to understand the structure of language--both English and Latin, work on improvement of English vocabulary, appreciate Roman art and civilization, immerse ourselves in Greco-Roman mythology. We read interesting stories about life in Roman times with both noble heroes and villains you will love to hate. Please contact Magistra McGouirk if you have questions about Latin at

Cambridge Latin Course Unit 1^oa_unit1^intro
Cambridge Latin Course Unit 2^oa_unit2^intro
Cambridge Latin Course Unit 3^oa_unit3^intro
Cambridge Latin Course Unit 4^oa_unit4^intro

Quia for Latin 1
Quia for Latin 2
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Quia for Latin 4H

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