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Parent Information

These are basic informational sites with tips and ideas about parenting.  As all great parents know, no "program" offers a guarantee.  Other sites are posted as I come across them.

If you know of any sites that might be of interest to other parents, please email that information. 

Some basic ideas follow:

  1. The number one rule of effective parenting is Take good care of yourself!
  2. Be proactive rather than reactive.
  3. Avoid triangulation. Do not allow your child to play one parent against the other or parents against the school.
  4. Create an emotionally as well as physically safe environment: Avoid sarcasm and anger.
  5. Use natural consequences to teach life lessons.
  6. Use empathy in the face of these consequences.
  7. Communicate in a loving manner; set a positive tone.
  8. Use thinking rather than fighting words.
  9. Save the pizzazz for the positive behavior, use neutrality with the negative.
  10. Allow your child to express his/her feelings verbally.
  11. Minimize use of the television/computer/online access.
  12. Only give choices you can live with.
  13. Be consistent.
  14. Avoid power struggles.
  15. Determine whose problem it is and if it is not yours, stay out of it.
  16. Assess what the child can handle and only allow freedoms and responsibilities that will result in opportunities for success.
  17. Keep a sense of humor.
Remember, it is not the parent's job to "fix" the child, it is your job to create an environment conducive to healing and loving.
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