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Content Reading & Study Skills




Content Reading & Study Skills








Content Reading & Study Skills



After school-TUESDAY Tutoring Rm. 2 – 208,  3:15pm – 4:15pm (with Ms. Atkinson)

Reading website:

I am happy to meet with you before school. See me to arrange a time!


  • Use and define roots and affixes to build vocabulary

  • Use effective note-taking strategies

  • Identify patterns of organization within a text

  • Participate in deep reading and discussion

  • Demonstrate critical reading skills with a variety of genres

  • Evaluate the credibility of sources

  • Analyze author’s use of rhetorical appeals in argument

  • Engage in wide reading for both academic and recreational purposes

Course Materials

  • 3-ring binder, dividers, and loose leaf paper.  This is essentially your course textbook.

  • 3”x5” index cards – (used for flash cards and exit slips you will need approximately 100)

  • Highlighters (these are to be in class daily)

  • a planner

  • box of tissue

  • a book to read for pleasure (E-readers are acceptable). We read in class daily.

  • You will be responsible for keeping all handouts and notes from this class until you have received your final grade.  Keep everything in order in a binder (use table of contents)! Neatness counts! ☺


Each student will be evaluated according to John Marshall High School Grading Policy. Completion of homework and class assignments is essential for success in the classroom. A student’s grade will be determined by independent reading responses, class work, tests, quizzes and projects.

Grading Scale

In this class you will need to achieve A=90-100% C=70-79%

the following percents for grades: B=80-89% D=60-69%


I expect you to be in class every day, unless excused by the office for a valid reason. Participation and a positive attitude are essential in this class.  

Late Work/Student Responsibility for Work

My calendar is on the website and in the classroom. I want to help you to be successful, and welcome students with concerns and questions.  Credit for late work may be awarded up until the Friday before the grading period ends, meaning mid quarter, quarter, and semester. It starts over at the beginning of each new grading period. Once a grading period has passed the zero place holder remains in place and becomes a part of your permanent grade.

Absence Make-Up Procedure:

Upon returning to school following an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain the missing assignments and notes from the school website. If you need assistance it is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher. The student will have 2 days to make up work for every day absent. Assignments may be posted online through Skyward or the John Marshall Reading website. Files are also kept up to date in the classroom on the “ABSENT?” board.

My website is

Homework Expectations/Independent Reading

Students are expected to read 30 minutes each day, including weekends and holidays. Other homework is assigned as needed or to create study aids for the weekly vocabulary. I want students reading during the homework time therefore most practice for this class happens within the class period.

The class objectives include promoting wide reading to increase students’ general knowledge and using personal reading to increase your own independent word learning skills so that you become a better academic reader.  I also want you to simply enjoy reading! It’s a wonderful way to relax and spend your time! To meet that goal, you will get to choose your own books to read.  There are few common sense parameters (rules) and a sort of “book report” to hold you accountable for your reading.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. The books should not be ones that were required reading for another class, past or present.

Obvious examples that virtually all of you have read in past classes in this district include: The Giver, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Outsiders, The Secret Life of Bees, etc.  The school and Rochester have great public libraries.  There are millions of good books out there—I’ll help you find a book you will enjoy!

  1. Your selections must be of an appropriate reading level for you.  This will vary by the individual r reader

  2. You will learn more about the book project requirements later, but we will be sharing basically 3 r books per quarter with the class.

  3. Most classes will begin with about 10 minutes of reading time. Have your book with you each day.


Plagiarism is taking the ideas, concepts, facts, and/or words of another and using them as one’s own.  It is considered a form of stealing.  Plagiarism will not be tolerated in this class.  If you plagiarize on any written assignment, you will earn a grade of zero. (FYI: Most colleges have university-wide plagiarism policies.  Consequences range from class failure to expulsion from the university.)

Digital Citizenship

Use technology, including cell phones, in an appropriate manner.  In other words, texting during class would not be acceptable, but taking a picture of a schedule or notes would be fine.  It would also be fine to enter vocabulary words to a study app during work time. Cell phones should be silenced during class. Cell phones will not be used during any exams.  And, cell phone etiquette dictates that a person never takes video or pictures of anyone without getting permission first.  Cell phones and other technology are useful tools for responsible learners.

  • Please remove purses, bags, book bags, sweatshirts, etc, from your desktop.  

  • I allow bottled beverages in class, as canned beverages may be spilled easily.

  • Please keep all food in the cafeteria.

Mrs. Schwartz’s Expectations:

  • Follow the PBIS Classroom Expectations

  • Have a book with you to read each day.

  • Work Hard, Be Prepared, Always do your best

Important Websites to assist you:

Content Reading and Study Skills:

Rochester Public Library Teen Zone:

Good Reads:


I have high expectations for you and I look forward to a successful semester. If you have any questions, you may email me at the address below. Assignments and grades can be viewed online through Skyward.


Mrs. Schwartz


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