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English III: World Literature
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Please visit Skyward to see assignments posted in the grade book.  I generally post upcoming work one week in advance.

Weekly PowerPoints:
 Students/Parents/Staff should choose the correct weekly PowerPoint and locate the day/s within the PowerPoint missed in order to get notes, view topics of class discussion, view links to videos watched [ when available ], and determine homework assignments.  Documents handed out in class will be uploaded here and posted on Google Classroom.

Jan 31-Feb 3 CAPSTONE Intro 2017.pptx

Feb 6-10 Weekly Ppt.pptx
Feb 13-17 Weekly Ppt.pptx
Feb 21-24 Weekly Ppt.pptx
Feb 27 to March 3 weekly Ppt to upload.pptx 

March 6-10.pptx
March 13-17 Weekly Ppt.pptx 
March 20-24 weekly ppt.pptx
Last Week of Quarter 3!March 27-30.pptx
   Please view this PowerPoint for CAPSTONE DUE DATE CALENDARS

Capstone: Work is scored in quarters 3 & 4.  Presenting their research in a
                           15-20 minute presentation to their class is the FINAL EXAM. 

February-March:  Topic Selection & Initial Research / Annotation Phase
1.  Please upload each "Annotated Bibliography" assignment to the Google
2.  Independent Research:  Students will locate their own database articles,
     annotate them, and then complete a "Note Sheet #__" to turn in hard copy. 
3.  I will contact parents occasionally if I notice several items of CAPSTONE work 
4.  Students will be selected for Academic Seminar for one-on-one conferencing and
     to work on missing CAPSTONE work.

Documents Handed Out in Class
Pre-Research Handouts:
CAPSTONE Intro 2017.pptx
Annotated Bib Checklist GC Articles.docx

Note Sheets for each new article source.  Complete and attach to annotated article:

New Sources to be UPLOADED to Google Classroom in April/May assigned last week of third quarter, March 27-30: [  See below ]

Due in April
Article #4:  Due Friday, April 14
Article #5:  Due Friday April  21
Book Summary:  Due Friday, April 28 

Due in May:
Extra sources:  art, poetry / music lyrics, video clips, etc.....:  Due Friday, May 5

Presentation Finalized:    Week of May 15-19

Presentations BEGIN:  Monday, May 22

Hamlet:  Please see the "Weekly PowerPoints" for more information on in-class
                      work, activities, handouts and assignments.   

* There are (5) quizzes, one for each ACT.  Students who missed this in class need to
    report to the ERC for their make-up quiz.  Quizzes are open note, open text, and
    may be taken alone or with a partner.

* In-class creation of "Headline!" which summarizes each ACT were done for ACTs
   2,4, and 5.  The winner of each ACT received recognition in class :-)

Pre-Shakespeare Reading and Annotation Practice [3 pages]:
      intro Hamlet page 1.pdf 
      Intro Hamlet page 2.pdf
      intro Hamlet Page 3.pdf 

Act 1:  Feb. 3-Feb. 17
     Fever Chart
     ACT 1 Fever Chart Activity for Shakespeare.docx  
     *See me for the "Act 1 Quiz" if you missed it.
Act 2:  Feb. 21- March 1 
     Fever Chart   
     Act 2 Fever Chart has been skipped due to the snow day on Friday, Feb. 24

     *See me for the "Act 2 Quiz" if you missed it. 

Act 3:  March 2-10
     Soliloquy In-class Work and Assignment:
     To Be or Not To Be translation 3pgs.pdf  
     Modern Translation Sheet:  To be modern translation.docx

     Soliloquy Homework due Friday, March 17 on Google Classroom
     A Cat soliloquy new.docx  

Act 4:  March 10-17

     * No handouts this week:  In-class work with a partner only

Act 5:  March 20-24

     *No handouts this week:  In-class work with a partner only

Film Comparison Forms:  Zeffirelli [Mel Gibson] vs. Branagh

        Act 1:
Do (2) of the T-bar charts Hamlet act 1 film comparison.docx 
        Act 2: Do (2) of the T-bar charts Hamlet act 2 film comparison.docx
        Act 3:  Do all of the T-bar charts Hamlet act 3 film comparison.docx 
        Act 4: Do all of the T-bar charts  Hamlet act 4 film comparison.docx
        Act 5: Do all of the T-bar charts  Hamlet act 5 film comparison.docx

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